GameChangers 500

Andrew Hewitt is the Founder of GameChangers 500, an organization that shines the spotlight on the world’s top For-Benefit businesses. Considered an alternative to lists like the Fortune 500, GameChangers 500 looks beyond revenue as the “point system” and awards organizations up to 11 badges that represent symbols of success in this “new game” of business.



Interview on BBC World News

In this BBC World News interview, Andrew talks about the importance of maximizing benefit, rather than just maximizing profit, and how studies show that leading with a purpose and empowering employees leads to higher productivity and profits. Andrew is also asked about how important social and environmental objectives are to Asian consumers. The answer might surprise you.



Keynote at Conscious Capitalism San Diego

In May 2015, Andrew gave the keynote speech to launch the Conscious Capitalism chapter in San Diego, California. In this presentation Andrew shares the characteristics of a for-benefit business, the business case for leading with purpose and what unique best practices for-benefit businesses use to maximize their positive impact. He leads through some of the world’s top purpose-driven organizations and shows how they are fundamentally changing the game of business as we know it.


The World’s Top Purpose-Driven Organizations

Andrew is featured in Forbes discussing how the organization he founded, GameChangers 500, ranks the world’s top purpose-driven organizations. He shares how the existing legal options of non-profit or for-profit are inadequate for this next generation of socially conscious entrepreneurs, and how the game is changing to support the formation of new legal breeds.

Read the article here.




Feature in SUCCESS Magazine

Andrew is featured in this SUCCESS Magazine interview alongside celebrated CEO Jack Welch. Listen to the linked recoring to hear the founder of SUCCESS Magazine, Darren Hardy, interview Andrew about the new breed of businesses shaping our future.



TEDx 2014: A New Model of Business Success

In this 2014 TEDx at Princeton University Andrew takes the audience inside the world’s top for-benefit businesses, sharing 9 unique best practices for maximizing benefit and the compelling business case for leading with purpose. He provides powerful examples of proof that the profit-at-all-cost game of business has changed.



TEDx 2011: Ajman (United Arab Emirates) – The GameChangers 500 Creation Story

In this presentation Andrew Hewitt shares his story on creating GameChangers 500 and how it was conceived after booking a one-way ticket to Costa Rica to find his role in reinventing the world. If the Fortune 500 was the benchmark for success in the 20th Century, Andrew’s vision is for GameChangers 500 to become that benchmark for the 21st Century. And as a result, leave the next generation aspiring to join a new breed of heart-centered organizations that are not just good at making money but are also good at making the world a better place. He brings you inside these purpose-driven organizations to showcase how they are using business as a force for good.



GameChangers Shaping the Asia of Tomorrow

In 2014 The DBS Asian Insights Conference, a prestigous annual business conference in Singapore, introduced the theme of “social good” to explore how it’s becoming a GameChanger in Asia. Andrew was invited among top economists, political leaders and prominant CEO’s to address the underrepresented concern of what it means to be purpose-driven and how to use business as a force for good. In this talk Andrew takes you on his journey of creating the GameChangers 500 list and showcases companies that qualified from all regions of the world, with a focus on Asia. He ends witha live case study with the founder of Milaap, a for-benefit businesses operating out of Singapore.



VERSION2 – Redefining Personal Success

In 2014 Andrew teamed up with world renowned software visionary Sanjiv Sidhu to build a methodology and training program to help people become Empowered Despite Circumstance. If striving for external success (empowered by circumstance) is an outdated model of success, then what is the new model? This is the quest Andrew and Sanjiv set out to solve, and after much exploration and expert input they launched, a free training program (beta) on how to live Empowered Despite Circumstances, and help people transition from a Version1 state (me-centric, get more, consume more, joy is in the destination) to a Version2 state (we-centric, give more, consume less, joy is in the journey).

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