In elementary school Andrew needed the assistance of a straw to properly make “ch” and “sh” sounds. He was so shy that his mother paid him if teachers reported he was speaking more in class. Today he’s paid to speak at top schools, conferences, and companies around the world.

Andrew isn’t your typical conference speaker. Recognizing that more than 80% of people are visual learners, he uses engaging visual presentations to help your audience remember his message. His style is a mix of calm confidence and energizing charisma that inspires and informs with authenticity.

His most popular presentation “GameChangers: A New Model of Business Success” is based on his extensive research of the world’s top for-benefit businesses, answering questions such as:

  • What are the defining characteristics of a for-benefit (AKA purpose-driven) business?
  • What is the business case for leading with purpose?
  • What unique best practices do for-benefit businesses use to maximize their positive impact?

As a result your audience will deeply understand why doing good has proven to be good business.

Through this presentation Andrew brings you inside some of the world’s top purpose-driven organizations and reveals how they are fundamentally changing the way business is done. Supported by animated imagery and compelling stories, your audience will stay captivated and entertained as Andrew brings you on a tour of organizations that are creating waste-zero cities, abolishing cycles of poverty, working without job titles, offering work spaces with tree-houses, achieving carbon-neutrality, operating as a hybrid non-profit / for-profit, measuring their impact like it was a sport, turning 2 billion plastic bottles into athletic products, and a spectrum of other GameChanging initiatives that will leave your audience inspired.

Andrew will also share his story on building GameChangers 500 and the methodology he pioneered to evaluate an organization’s ability to maximize benefit, not just profit.

As a result your audience will understand what it means to be a For-Benefit business and see examples within each of the 9 best practices categories these organizations excel in.

Summary of what to expect:

  • Learn how to be Purpose-First rather than Profit-First while sustaining a profitable business.
  • Discover specific best practices leading GameChangers are using to create a more empowered team, less environment impact, and a meaningful contribution in their community.
  • See inside GameChanger organizations and learn the 9 best practices that make them unique from traditional corporations.
  • Customized examples that relate to your industry and/or region of the world.
  • A fun, fast-passed, visually rich, and engaging presentation.

See Andrew in action:


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